From Atlanta, GA, Ledjen Haase is a senior Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles student with a minor in Visual Studies at the University of Kentucky, graduating May 2020. Fashion is Ledjen’s form of creative expression and he enjoys all aspects of fashion from merchandising, design, creative advertisement, writing for fashion publications, and all other forms of fashion creativity. An aspiring creative director with the goals of being a fashion editor/creative director for Vogue, Ledjen has the long-term goal of eventually owning his own fashion company one day. Serving as the past President of the RTM Club, President of Holmes Hall Council and residing student representative on the RTM Advisory Board; on the side, Ledjen has written for online publications: Odyssey and College Fashionista, served as the Chief Editor/Content Creator for Hous11 - a creative agency based out of Atlanta, the Business Administrator for iLoveKare, Senior Team Lead at Urban Outfitters, Content Creator and Senior Marketing Specialist for Hub on Campus and the Photoshoot Coordinator for the KRNL Lifestyle + Fashion magazine. He has always maintained a very involved individual, from his career experience, frequent community service volunteering and being voted the Most Involved superlative winner due to obtaining over 200+ hours of community service and holding 3 leadership positions. Upon graduation, Ledjen hopes to intern abroad in Milan, Italy for a professional program in Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Journalism.